Welcome to my first blog!

Welcome to my first blog post! This is going to be fun, connecting with everyone who shares the same interests as I do. I love to craft, take something that is just maybe a piece of paper, a leaf, a gemstone, a tired piece of furniture and make it come to life, give it a second chance at being something more wonderful.
As this is my first blog post I’m going to depend on you my new crafty friends to give me input. My family and friends will have nothing but good things to say. Pssst: they always say nice things to me, they love me and would never tell me if my blog posts sucked big time. So I will be listening to all my new crafty friends for advise and topics. Tell me what you do and don’t like.
In the months ahead I plan on sharing a lot of really great info. Craft projects, such as papercrafting, jewelry design and advice (which are my obsession and passion). I’m new to art journaling so you can come along with me as I learn. DIY is also something I love to do and I’ll include lots of tips and tricks I have learned (thanks to my Dad the carpenter, handy man). There will be guest bloggers interviews and I will be including their advice on what, where and how to create projects and find items you can use in your projects. Head over and like my FB page DebbieRogersJewelry/facebook.com, where I will be having giveaways for fun crafting items.
So stay tuned for lots of fun, zany and side-splitting excitement.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to my first blog!

  1. This is a WONDERFUL idea!!!

    Criticism with Love: Spaces between paragraphs for ease of reading.

    I can’t wait to read the next entry!!!! ❤

  2. Great new blog! I can’t wait for all your tricks and tips. You have so much to teach and share. I’ll be following and taking it all in. 🙂

  3. Hi Debbie. Nice to ‘meet’ a fellow member of the Blue Moon DT. Really looking forward to working with you over the coming year and seeing some more of your work. Clair x

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